Embassy of Ukraine in the United States of America

Kyiv 11:13

The US and Ukraine have launched a project of Cooperation on Education in Advanced Nuclear Science and Engineering

08 August 2019, 17:58

Opening the International Workshop on the occasion of the project launching, Ambassador of Ukraine to the US Valeriy Chaly addressed to the representatives of leading Ukrainian and American universities and the US federal agencies, emphasizing the importance of the development of Ukrainian-American relations in the nuclear field, in particular in the exchanging of knowledges and technology for the safe and efficient use of peaceful atom.

Valeriy Chaly emphasized that Ukraine has a great potential and powerful specialists in the nuclear field, ready to use their skills to implement in cooperation with American partners the joint projects in this field.

As part of the event, the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States presented an exhibition "50 inventions that Ukraine bestowed to the world" in one of the leading American educational institutions - George Washington University.

Valery Chaly expresed his gratitude to the US Department of Energy for many years of cooperation and thanked the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy William Joyce and other relevant US agencies for strengthening the US-Ukraine partnership in the field of nuclear energy.