Embassy of Ukraine in the United States of America

Kyiv 11:04

Embassy of Ukraine in the USA welcomes a strategical Ukrainian-U.S. agreement to supply thermal coal for the needs of Ukrainian power generation

31 July 2017, 21:28

We welcome an agreement signed between Centrenergo SOE (Ukraine) and XCoal Energy and Resources to supply thermal coal for the needs of Ukrainian power generation.

This is a strategical and practical outcome of a meeting between President Poroshenko and President Trump on June 20 in Washington DC.

The agreement opens access for Ukraine to steady and reliable coal supplies from the United States after Russia seized control over our country’s vast coal reserves in Donbas region of Ukraine.

The US-Ukraine cooperation ensures greater energy security of Ukraine, increases resilience of the energy sector through diversification of supply as well as facilitates investment opportunities in the Ukrainian economy.

The Embassy continues working with our American partners to ensure national interests of Ukraine and boost the bilateral cooperation.