Embassy of Ukraine in the United States of America

Kyiv 09:52

International cooperation for Chernobyl accident consequences overcoming

The MFA of Ukraine has been coordinating the international cooperation for the Chernobyl accident consequences overcoming for all years of the Ukrainian independence. Particularly, the collaboration with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), as the Chernobyl Shelter Fund (CSF) and Nuclear Safety Account (NSA) supervisor, has been developing with the support of the MFA since 1997 when the appropriate Framework agreement was signed.

Consolidated CSF and NSA donors' efforts are focused on the New Safety Confinement (NSC) constructing and on the completion of other projects aimed to secure long-term safety of the ruins at Chernobyl. As for beginning of 2014 some 1.5 billions euros had been pledged to the CSF, but a considerable funding shortfall remained: a total of 615 million euros were still needed to be provided  by donor countries and EBRD so that  the project, much of which was already realized, can be completed. 

During last two years a number of annual regular and extraordinary meetings of the CSF and NSA Assemblies of Donors were conducted. In July of  2014 EBRD leadership adopted the decision to provide an additional funding for the NSC constructing in the amount of 350 million euros including 165 million euros from “Group of Seven” (G7) and the EU states.

In 2015 within the framework of such meetings Germany, in context of it's G7 Presidency, also initiated the NSC additional financial assistance providing discussion. The goal of such initiative was to establish full financing of th CSF at the donor conferences and cover the deficit of funding in about 100 million euros. As a result of the last events the EBRD guidance has confirmed that if contributions of the third countries amount to less than 100 million euros the difference will be covered by the bank.